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After 7 Months Soriatane Still Working
from Adam H.

(1) It’s PRP, not P, and Soriatane is Prescribed, March ‘04
(2) Amazing Results from Soriatane, May ‘04

Ed:  I just wanted to take some time to post an additional follow up to my Soriatane journey. After having been on this medication for the better of 7 months, all is still well.  I think now to compare PRP to Psoriasis isn't all that fair because I have read more and more about the two and the common denominator is basically a skin irritation at its purest form. Other than that the two maladies are fairly different in structure, cause, and treatment. I can see why certain things will work for one and not the other, but I can also accept that the side effects can be too much when you see nothing close to what I have in regards to results.

My derm wants me to get through the season change and then we will look at going every other day. I  have also adopted a workout regimen (a) because I need to and (b) so I can hopefully keep cholesterol in check as well.  So far so good. I have not adhered to the lack of alcohol suggestion like I should —BUT, I don’t drink much in comparison anyway. Having said that, Soriatane hasn't changed my life in some ways all that much.

But I recently went to Myrtle Beach on my family's annual trip and the sun sensitivity is really the only weird thing that I am still adjusting to. I have always wanted to use the sun to slow the skin shedding that I have had for years.  Now, for the first time that I can remember, I used 30SPF sunscreen religiously and still got red. I'll learn to deal with it.

Ed - I hope you can get back to using what works for you. The freedom that I have missed for nearly 20 years is wonderful to have and I hope to never take it for granted. Simple pleasures of wearing black clothes, short sleeves, and flip flops mean the world to me now and I pray the same for you and all that read your site. Your site has helped me to see that I was never alone and it never mattered what I hid in public.  I could — and can — always be a part of a forum here that could care less about those red patches on my skin.  That means the world to so many. Thanks again. –Adam H.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the update, Adam.  As usual, it is good to hear from someone who continues to have good results from a treatment.  I don’t know that much about PRP, but I know maintaining positive results with any regimen treating P is difficult.  It’s kind of become a truism for psoriatics that anything and everything is going to “wear out.” 

It’s frustrating that we’re not quite sure why that is. 

Anyway ... Your email sounds like a “goodbye,” which I sincerely hope is not the case.  We will want to continue to hear how you’re doing, Adam.   You may come to be regarded as a “graduate” — but never a stranger.

Stay well!  -Ed

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