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From Miraderm to Enbrel
from Lorna C.

Hey Ed, Thought I would check in with you and give you my latest update.  I joined a P chat group on yahoo back in May of this year. There was this rage going on about Miraderm, so you know how we are about trying something new to cure our P.  I emailed them. Low and behold I got an email back she was going to send me enough free product to clear up my P. She did so, out of Canada, to the tune of about $400.00 worth.

So I started it in May. I was using it faithfully up until about the 3rd week in July. Woweeee.  The whole thing backfired on me literally. It was working wonderfully on my elbows. My rear end didn't like it though. I couldn't sit on it for a week, let alone go to work. Called my derm of 15 years told her what was going on. She was afraid there was so much salicylic acid in the stuff it would cause an infection on such tender skin. No kidding!  Well you know it is my fault for not following the Miraderm instructions. Put the stuff on then cover it with something like Vaseline.  More isn't always better.  Needless to say the skin on my rear end was peeling twice a day.

So the derm says lets try Enbrel.  I have been taking the Enbrel since July 1. I can sit on my rear end again. The P has gone away.  No scars or anything, have done 32 (25mg) shots to date. Two (25mg) shots twice per week. My elbows were clear in the first week. They hadn't been clear in two years. July 21st my rear end was clear, It hadn't been in two years either. Thighs took another two weeks. I can't believe my new found skin. So am taking advantage of the new skin, as long as it lasts, or the insurance runs out. I asked my boyfriend of 5 years if he minded that I walk around bare naked? He said "you go right ahead, just don't go outside."

I feel like showing everyone my A _ _. But they wouldn't know how bad it was before the Enbrel. My dad said that it was such a good thing about my skin. Because he is not around to take me to the hospital when the P gets so bad it hurts. No more Pity Parties for me.

Hope you are doing well. I know that Enbrel didn't work this great for you. Maybe you should lie low on the internal meds for awhile, I know it would be unbearable. Then try the Enbrel again.  -Lorna C.


Ed’s Response:  Sad to hear about your lack of success with Miraderm.  Though salicylic acid is an active ingredient, there are supposed to be other (non-FDA-sanctioned) anti-inflammatory agents that promote healing...

The only ingredient in this formulation that is classified as a drug by the FDA is salicylic acid, which works by promoting exfoliation of the dry scaly patches associated with psoriasis. However, the salicylic acid is formulated in a base containing anti-inflammatory agents that work naturally to restore the skin to a healthy state so that the body can heal and repair itself in such a way as to prevent the rebound effect that often occurs with hydrocortisone or other typical psoriasis drugs.

Sounds like whatever it was you did or didn’t do worked to compromise the benefits of these “other agents.” 

On the other hand, your Enbrel experience appears to be cause for celebration.  Not only is this biologic working for you, it’s working fast and it’s working at the normal dosage (many others require double the dosage to get results similar to yours).

Your observation about my Enbrel experience is sound, I think.  It probably would be good for me to lay off the systemics for awhile and give Enbrel another try.  (One thing we’d do is get me started at double your dosage, then reduce the dose once a positive effect is obtained.)

Before I try Enbrel again, though, I’m going to try Raptiva.  Hopefully, by the next update of FlakeHQ, I’ll have something to report. -Ed

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