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Can P Make One Sickly?
from Del K.

Hello.  First of all I am grateful that the National Psoriasis Foundation put your site in the member publication, Psoriasis ADVANCE.  I have had psoriasis since I was 15, when I was getting over a severe case of mono.  I’m now 32. 

I have never had it go fully away.  I have it now more than ever in my scalp, knees, legs, arms, hands, back, buttocks and face.  The scalp was in the last 8 years and face the last 2 years.  I have yet to find a derm who knows very much about it.  I do have some questions maybe your readers can help me with.

Am I the only one that has a lower immunity and is always sick?  I was always the sick one and I still get sick very easily.  I quit a 7 year nursing job because of this.  Has anyone else have this problem?

I understand the depression that comes with P.  I love the person who thought of the T-shirts.  I would wear them every day.  People pull away when they go to give me change at the store and see my hands....

I hear of people moving to Florida.  Could it be more than the warmer climate and sunshine?  Since people are buying Dead Sea salts, too, might it be the saltwater on 3 sides of that State?  And what about other states with coasts? 

I have 3 kids and a busy schedule and I decided the family comes first.  My skin is just too expensive to deal with and nothing works, so I do what I can with oatmeal creams and things I can afford, but I do let someone know everyday what it is and that it’s not contagious.

Enough rambling.  I am originally from Louisville, Kentucky, and glad to see someone from my home state talking about P and doing something to help.  Thanks for  –Del K.


Ed’s Response:  I’m glad you found us, Del, and appreciate your taking the time to send this email. 

I hope your questions and observations will inspire more comments, but I’ve got first crack, so here goes:

On lower immunity and prevalence for getting sick.  I’ve not heard that there’s any correlation between this and having P.  But we do know P is an immune system disorder in which cells that spur skin growth are working overtime.  But I also happen to know from personal observation of a daughter that being a young mother with multiple kids — 3 in your case, 4 in my daughter’s case — stress could contribute to lowering your resistance to infections.  As her mother (and I’m sure your mother) says, “Take plenty of vitamin C.”

About the depression associated with having P.  I know you understand it, Del, but reading between the lines of your email I believe it’s not something that controls you.  Again, Moms are strong beasts.  Someone who decides “family comes first” exhibits a resolution that dwarfs the power of depression, especially deriving from P.  Your children don’t draw away from you hands.  I rather suspect they run to them with enthusiasm.

About salt water and coastal States.  I think you’re quite right to suspect some flakers find relief in all aspects of climate in some coastal States — sunshine, warmth, salt water.  I work with one flaker who moved to the gulf coast of Georgia after experiencing improvement in her P from wading in the surf.

Now that you’ve found us, Del, I hope to hear from you often.  Hug the kids for me. -Ed

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