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Where Has PsoRelief Gone?
from JH

Do you know if PsoRelief is still being manufactured?  I have not had success in locating a source for this cream.  My mother had success using it to clear up psoriasis.  She has had a mild recurrence, but only has a small amount of the cream left.  This treatment was mentioned in your article regarding a Girl Evicted From Ramada Inn and a website was included ---, but I was unable to enter the site.   A warning indicated that I was not authorized.  Could you provide info on the maker and an address or phone number?  Thanks, -JH


Ed’s Response:  Sorry about the URL. I got the same message, which suggests to me that might have gotten lost in the Internet rain forest. 

I found a QVC brochure on the  PsoRelief here:

... which contained this item number — A40513 — and this phone number 1-800-345-1515.  Now that you’ve got all the information, don’t bother.  I called and inquired about the availability of the product and they said “discontinued.”  The woman on the phone didn’t know if that just meant QVC has discontinued retailing the product or if it’s gone away entirely.

Further on-line investigation revealed a U.S. Justice Department document with this headline for a title:  “Former Accounting Director Arrested for Allegedly Forging $584,000 in Company Checks.”

... which was interesting.  And I found a few other mentions; however, the latest mention was 1998.  I finally gave up.

PsoRelief contained aloe vera, oxidants and Burdoch root.  A few more hours on-line might yield some near-replacements.

I know how frustrating it can be to lose track of a product that really works.  I feel the same way about tin buckets with cone-shaped mop ringers.  Too damned practical.  Nothing works as well.

If anybody knows where PsoRelief can be found these days, please drop me a line.

Best of luck, JH.  -Ed

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