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His Enbrel Diary is On-Line
from Gary M.

Ed:  Firstly wanted to thank you for this great resource.  Its nice to read what others are going through, and know you aren’t alone in this.  I just wanted to shoot you a link to post in your next issue.  It is my blog about my experiences with Enbrel and P in general.  The site is

I just started it today, and will post every few days in between shots.  Take care. –Gary M.


Ed’s Response:  Good stuff, Gary.  I enjoyed reading your blog from the bottom up (I decided to start where you started!).  Of course, I coveted your experience.  As you probably know, my experience with Enbrel was quite different.  You’re getting positive results — and early on!  I simply didn’t get any results.  (I checked again today [9/8] and see you haven't posted anything since 8/22.  You need to bring us up to date!)

Everybody is interested in the new biologics and Enbrel is certainly worth learning about.  I encourage everybody who is considering this drug to read Gary’s blog.  If Gary’s response to the drug and my response are two ends of the spectrum, that leaves a lot of ground in between.  Where will you fit in? -Ed

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