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Synalar Gel for Scalp P in England
from Mark N.

Hi Ed. This is in response to Richard S with the scalp P in the UK [P-Problems for New Teacher]. I've only just started suffering from P (I'm 29 with about 8 months with it on my scalp, arms and small spots on my legs).

I was on Dovobet but have switched to Dovonex for the arms, etc.  I was prescribed Synalar Gel for the scalp which seems to work quite well and certainly make it less visible if applied well (i.e., someone applying it for you) and it is non-greasy.

Maybe you could pass this info along...  –Mark N.


Ed’s Response:  I’m happy to pass this a long, Mark.  The Latin name for Synalar Gel’s active ingredient is fluocinolone acetonide.  I’m not sure they’re the same, but in the U.S. we have a topical called “fluocinonide,” which has a nearly identical description.  (Could “fluocin-onide” be a contraction of fluocin-[olone acet]-onide?  Nah, that would be too simple.)

Our fluocinonide has long been prescribed as a topical steroid solution for scalp P.  I used it for years and found it relatively effective.  I would think a gel version would be even MORE effective.  As a clear solution, fluocinonide sports an alcohol base, which means it evaporates rapidly.  A gel version, I would think, would keep the scalp moist and supple longer while the steroid penetrated.  (Not to mention the hair styling possibilities if you treated the gel like a pomade!) -Ed

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