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New Biologic for Asthma Hold Any Promise for P?
from TJ

I have had P for as long as I can remember on my scalp.  It did not hit the rest of my body till I was in my late teens.  I also suffer from asthma and have read up and noticed there are a lot of P sufferers that also have asthma.

Doing research on the new drugs about to come out or already out, I noticed that the new drug Xolair for asthma sounds about the same as Raptiva and Amevive and are all in the new class of biologics.  Have you read of any P help from taking this asthma med?


Ed’s Response:  Haven’t heard from anyone who has experienced P improvement while taking Xolair — but it’s awfully new.  I read up on it at and noted that Xolair blocks the immune system antibody IgE (immunoglobulin E), which is named differently from the various T-cell functions targeted by Raptiva, Amevive and Enbrel.  Like these, Xolair is a biologic, which means it is a substance “grown” from living tissue (as opposed to being an inorganic chemical compound).  But the similarity might stop there.  

But — as they say — weirder things have happened!  So, if anyone out there taking or planning to take Xolair for their allergy-related asthma happens to notice their P lesions improving, please let us know!  -Ed

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