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Unorthodox Way of Treating Pustular P
from Tammy S.

Hey Ed!  I have an unorthodox way of dealing with pustular P.  This may help Katy for her Wedding (see Pustular P on Feet Threatens Wedding on Beach).  I was diagnosed with this variety of P about 6 years ago.  At first, my derm, just from first sight had NO clue.  He had to take a scraping to be analyzed.  Sure enough, pustular P.

I have tried Diprolene, Triamcinolone, Dovonex, Luxiq and several others that are no longer in my closet.  Depending on the volume of coverage, this is my Best advise.

If you have a few SMALL patches (7 to 8 pustules) pop each one, drain and then apply a thin coat of over-the-counter Hydrocortisone Cream 1%.  Within an hour or less the itching AND burning goes away.  The next day you should have a scab.  Within 3 or 4 days, COMPLETLY GONE.  Then of course on to another patch.  Good luck, Katy! -Tammie S.


Ed’s Response:  Hi, Tammie. 

For the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with pustular P, it’s characterized by lesions that are clusters of small blisters containing a clear, non-infectious fluid.  Note that Tammie recommends this for small lesions with few pustules.  A danger, of course, any time you pop a blister of any sort, is the possibility of infection.  So please don’t do this on a park bunch just after a jog, and don’t use the pointy end of your kid’s geometry compass to pop the blisters.  Be clean.  -Ed

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