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PRP – Similar but Different
from Ruthanne D.

Hello Ed! What a delight to find your website, after hearing about your book, Flake, from a fellow sufferer of ... not psoriasis ... but a similar affliction called PRP (pityriasis rubra pilaris).  We refer to ourselves, tongue firmly planted in cheek, as "Pretty Red People."

PRP is a disease that responds to some of the treatments used for psoriasis.  Mostly, the medication of choice is Soriatane. 

I just placed an order for your book because I know I am bound to get a lift.  Your website is delightful and I am going to send the URL to everyone in our PRP support group ... so get ready for lots of visitors! 

If you'd care to visit us, the door is always open at:

Best wishes to you...  -Ruthanne D.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for visiting, Ruthanne, and for sharing the URL in your group ... and (of course!) for buying a book!

We’ve had other PRPers visit here (e.g., I have PRP{0102e.htm}), but until I visited the web site mentioned in your email I’d not seen photographs of this condition.  The similarities to some forms of P are striking and I’ve got to wonder, how many PRP victims are misdiagnosed as psoriatic?

It’s also illuminating (and humbling) to read about a condition that is so rare virtually no research is underway to further understand it and hopefully discover a cure.

I can only hope that as research into psoriasis continues, and as more drugs are developed to treat it, we will learn that PRPers benefit along with flakers.

I encourage everyone to visit the web site link in Ruthanne’s email and learn something about this “sister disease.” -Ed

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