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Fake Tan Still Working: More Details
from Jo W.

Hello.  E-mailed you last month about how Fake Tan is improving my skin [Fake Tan is Improving Her P]. One month later and my front is virtually clear although my back is still covered. Which is my proof that it works (‘cause I can’t reach my back to apply it!).

Have tried different brands with varying success, best one I find is St Tropez (same as Victoria Beckham).

This sounds mad.  Can’t believe I am advocating this as a cure, but would love to know if it has helped anyone else.

Best wishes,  -Jo W.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the follow-up, Jo.  Don’t say that you’re advocating it as “a cure.”  Say, instead, that you're advocating it as a “treatment that works for me.”  Most simply put, we think of a “cure” as something that makes the condition go away.  The “cure” is applied, the condition goes away, then neither the cure nor the condition need be bothered with again.  A treatment that works, on the other hand, is something — often some thing and some process together — that, so long as it is taken, applied or undertaken, thwarts the symptoms of the condition.  To be a cure, you would not have to continue to use Fake Tan once it has gotten rid of your P.  I believe you are advocating Fake Tan as a treatment.

Let us know what happens if/when you stop applying Fake Tan.  If your P stays away forever, I would be most happy to retract my semantic argument!  ;) 

Meanwhile, any other readers that are using or intend to try fake tan products, please let us know how your P responds.  -Ed

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