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Dovobet Success and What About Tonsillectomy?
from Gina M.

Hi, I'm 34, female and have had P since I was 11.  It started initially after a strep throat infection.  Over the course of 23 years I have tried pretty much every lotion and potion, as well as homeopathy, herbal therapies, acupuncture and hypnotherapy.  None of these 'alternatives' did much for me. In March I had a particularly bad flare up (after my 6th strep throat in 3 months) and ended up in hospital for a month.  I have really been struggling with it since I was discharged.  I was prescribed Dovobet last week by my specialist and have used it 3 times. Wow!  A marked improvement.  It's funny how 'healthier' skin can make you feel so much better in yourself.

I am waiting for a surgery appointment to have a tonsillectomy and would be keen to know if any fellow sufferers think this would help. 

Also, I have 1 other query — I have 2 sons and we are thinking about adding to our number.  What are the contra-indications with Dovobet and Dovonex?

Do I feel like P controls my whole life?  YES!

Your website is great — very informative and clearly designed by someone who knows what they are talking about, invaluable support.

I would be very grateful indeed if you were able to answer my 2 queries.  I look forward to hearing from you.  –Gina M.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for writing, Gina.

Tonsillectomies have been discussed to some length here.  Go to the Archives for references to the correspondence under “tonsillectomy.”  Some people who think their P is closely associated with sore throat infections — especially strep — also believe tonsillectomies will help.

You really need to ask your prescribing doc about the pregnancy implications of Dovobet and Dovonex.  What I have to say is derived from available literature. 

Product information about Dovobet is available here:

This document states it should not be used during pregnancy.  And, according to the NPF, Dovonex should not be used during pregnancy, either, nor while breast feeding. 

That aside, I have a question for you?  Did your P subside during your earlier pregnancies?  Many women have reported here there P improved significantly — with no medications — during their pregnancies.  If that’s your case, maybe you won’t have to worry about Dovobet or Dovonex.  Wouldn’t that be nice? 

Good luck.  -Ed

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