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Aveda Products Helping
from John

Ed - In responsive to Mike on Aveda products (April-May, 2002), I've been using Aveda for about three years with good results. The All-Sensitive Shampoo works well, but the Rosemary Mint Shampoo works equally as well.  They both work well enough that I have been wearing black T-shirts this summer.  The Energizing Body Cleanser works well as a daily body wash.  I've found that soap can sometimes dry out the P too much. 

As background, I'm 31 and have had P in various stages since age 6.  I currently use Aclovate on my face and a Dovonex and Ultravate combo on arms and legs that used to work well but is now only fair.  Thankfully I get lots of sun swimming a couple of times a week and that seems to help.  It doesn't bother me to wear shorts, swimsuits or T-shirts.  If someone thinks my skin is ugly that's their problem not mine!  Thanks for the site.  It's always interesting.   -John


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for sharing, John.  I’ll bet the Aveda line did well this summer in the U.S.  Moisturizers in general probably did well here! 

I, too, am using the Dovonex/Ultravate combo right now and it’s not doing much for me at all.  I’ll be visiting the derm in a few days and will probably ask for a prescription adjustment.  Probably back to the old standby, Temovate (clobetasol propionate).  -Ed

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