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Flax and Borage Oils Still Working — 10 Months
from Erin

Dear Ed: I think I wrote to you about a year ago regarding my success with trying flax and borage oils. [See Clearing from the Top Down — Via Diet –Ed]

I have continued to have a very clear year and have given very little thought to my lack of shedding. 

I decided to do an experiment and change only one thing this month.  I completely went off of the flax and borage oil capsules to see what would happen if anything.  I have experienced a mild flare on my lower half and my elbows and shedding has become an issue again.  I'm going back on the oils today and changing nothing else, so I'll keep you posted on my results.  Hopefully I will be back in leg-baring clothing in a few weeks.  Thanks for listening,  -Erin


Ed’s Response:  Please let us know what happens after you’ve returned to the dietary supplements for awhile, Erin.  It’s good to hear from someone who has achieved good results from a simple, natural regimen.  If only it were so easy for more of us! -Ed

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