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Even Enbrel Vet Understands 
from David F.

Ed: I don't know if you caught the irony of Mike M.'s participation in an Enbrel study at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center.  Of course, Johnson & Johnson markets Enbrel's competing arthritis biologic, Remicade.

I have been taking Enbrel (25 mg.) for a little more than a year for arthritis.  One pleasant side effect has been the slow clearing of my sometimes miserable hand and foot psoriasis.  I can sympathize with your frustration with Immunex.  I understand that they haven't let in anyone new in all of 2002.  Even those of us who are approved have problems refilling prescriptions.  I have waited as long as 3-1/2 weeks waiting for a refill to be shipped to my pharmacy.  On a few occasions, I have missed a week or more of injections.  I say take whichever biologic is available to you first, although I admit that Enbrel has turned my arthritis on its head! -David F.


Ed’s Response: [David is reacting to my August ’02 Briefing.]

I had not caught the irony of the Johnson & Johnson connection.  It’s a nod and grin irony because of Mike’s success.  Had it gone the other way it might have been a beard-scratcher and a brow-furrower.

Of course I’m glad to hear about your good results with Enbrel, even though it makes my current situation even more irksome.  Two weeks ago my GP aspirated 6 fluid ounces of juice-stuff off my psoriatic arthritic right knee.  It replenished itself in less than a day.  On top of that I’m getting more swollen knuckles in my hands and X-rays ordered by the GP came back indicating arthritis in the lumbar region of my spine.  My body has evidently grown immune to the effect of methotrexate.

How do I feel otherwise?  Well, let’s put it this way:  No one from Immunex would be advised to pay me a courtesy call right now.  -Ed

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