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Taylor Jackson M-Folia Products
from Sue H.

Hi Ed:  I've been enjoying your site for the past few weeks and thought I'd share. I'm 35 and had my first P-outbreak in 1986 while I was spending my junior year abroad, in England. My body may have been stressed from all the partying I was doing, but I thought I was having the happiest time of my life!

It was always pretty manageable until I had my first child in 1999. Since then, it's been awful, and because I've been nursing, various dermatologists were reluctant to prescribe anything too strong. I did the Ultravate / Cormax / Dovonex routine for awhile last year, but each time I stopped, the P only came back — with a vengeance. It basically covers my legs and forearms and is creeping upwards to my tush and back/hips. About a month ago, the smallish red spots on my lower legs coalesced into large, flaming red patches. Then, it all started scaling.

In desperation, I did a quick search on the net and decided to try M-Folia. I ordered three types of topicals from Taylor Jackson and have been using them for almost three weeks. I also started taking 2000 mg of flax seed oil daily.

After about two weeks, the scaling was greatly diminished and the color was fading. The M-Folia/Flax Oil combo seems to be working, very slowly but surely.

It turns out my brother has psoriasis too and recently went to a new dermatologist who cleared him up. He's been very tight-lipped about the treatment he was prescribed, but that's just the way he is. I plan to visit this dermatologist and see what he has to offer.

I'm planning to have and nurse one more child, so I'm hanging on and hoping that by the time I'm finished, there will be an effective, safe treatment and I can get some relief.

Thanks for the support and information! Best, -Sue H.


Ed’s Response:  You’re welcome, Sue.  Thanks for telling us about your experience with Taylor Jackson M-Folia products (click to see the M-Folia page at TJ’s web site). 

While we all know P is a disease (or condition if you’re in a good mood) that defies most therapies, it’s also true that it is not helped and probably made worse by poor basic skin care.

In other contexts I’ve written about my skin problems before P, so I’m disinclined to elaborate here — let’s just say my skin has been mad at me for most of my life.  Many doctors told me through the years that I should do this or that — not do this or that — to maintain the healthiest skin possible.  But because I had grown used to rashes, vitiligo, dandruff, eczema-style outbreaks from childhood on, I did not take most recommendations to heart.  Dry skin?  Who cares!

I know now that I was fostering the best possible environment for my P to finally erupt. Nowadays I study the red crusty plaques and think “What possible good could a little lotion do?”  I tend to forget there’s healthy skin in other places that stands a better chance of staying that way if I keep it clean (sans soap and hard scrubbing), properly nourished and moist.

At the Taylor Jackson M-Folia site I found this particularly interesting:

m-folia Homeopathic Tablets
m-folia homoeopathic tablets are available in two potency’s 30c and 6c.

They are Lactose-free, Alcohol-free, Cruelty-free, safe for children and adults; and do not interfere with other medications or treatments.

The 30c tablets help to neutralise any cleansing reactions (e.g. when people have been on steroids, they can experience an initial worsening of symptoms — the tablets can help alleviate these symptoms)

While the homeopathic tablets are interesting at large, I was particularly taken by the expression “Cruelty-free,” which I’ve never heard in the context of an ingestible.  I’m presuming this means no animals were harmed in the manufacture of the product?  If anyone knows this expression means something else, please email me. 

Stay in touch, Sue, and let us know how you continue to fare on your M-folia/Flax Oil combo.

You’re hope for an effective treatment that won’t threaten pregnancy is certainly not far-fetched.  There are so many possibilities in the research-works right now, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.  -Ed

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