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More on Tattooing, Chlorine in the Water, Scalp & Nail P
from Vix

Hi Ed, It's me again,

I spend months lurking and then 2 letters in quick succession. [See Zinc, Kelp and Gin Seng.]

I'm writing in reply to the scalp P letters in your August mail and the Tattoo letter in June.

I acquired a tattoo two years ago when my P was as bad as it probably ever has been. I had to be careful with it and keep it well moisturised (E45 is the best and it's not greasy) and I got away with it. Lucky? Very probably, but I'd wanted one for a long time and thought, “Hell.  What's one more patch?” [See Tattoo Safe for Flaker.]

As for chlorine affecting P, I'm a firm believer that it does.  I had to stop swimming because of the irritation it caused. [See Chlorine or Hard Water Exacerbating Scalp P?.]

I, too, started with P just on my scalp and have progressed through the many lotions and shampoos which eventually stopped working. I find it's best if I alternate  shampoos regularly and never use a very rich conditioner. I have long hair and so have had to strike a balance between washing every day because of the P and getting dry ends because I've over washed it. There is one thing I've found recently that helps with the itch (and let’s face it, that's half the battle). It's called Original Mint Source shampoo and they also do a conditioner. It's got Tea Tree & mint in it and makes your scalp go icy cold and stay that way for a couple of hours.  I've seen a reduction in the flakes and itchiness since I've started using it. It smells much nicer than Denorex and the soothing coolness seems much more intense.

The tablet regime I wrote to you about in May is still working apart from 1 or 2 lesions on my back and my scalp. I have a new phenomenon, though:  My finger nails appear to be falling off and I have what looks suspiciously like pustular P on my feet.  Can't win, can you?

To you and all at FlakeHQ:  Take care, be happy. -Vix


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the feedback on tattooing and chlorine water, Vix.  I’m not sure your Original Mint Source shampoo and conditioner is available in the U.S., but hope any reader who can confirm it is (or isn’t) will let us know.

My finger nails continue to degrade (I look back at the pictures I took in July  and can’t believe how much worse they’ve gotten in two month’s time).  Mine aren’t falling off, exactly — they’re just crumbling away.  The lifestyle changes required are interesting; e.g., I can’t open a pop-top can of any sort without a tool.

Stay in touch, Vix.  -Ed

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