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Psoriasis-eating Fish?
from Laurie T.

HI!  My son told me that he saw a story on “Animal Planet” on the Discovery Channel about fish eating psoriasis.  I guess you go into this water where there are 3 types of fish.  I'm not sure, but he thinks this was in India.  Anyway, these fish munch on you for a while and you are clear for 3-5 years.  Have you heard anything about this?  I tried going on the Animal Planet website but couldn't come up with anything.  Let me know if you do.  Thanks. -Laurie T.


Ed’s Response:  I’ve heard the same rumor, though not in a TV documentary.  (Wish I’d have seen it.)  The rumor inspired me to write Confessions of a Coward and the Mysterious 'Dr. Singh' (short story) which is a twist on the same theme.

I’ve been unsuccessful in tracking down these claims, which leads me to believe, while it might be true, few who have undergone the “therapy” have survived to report its success.  <wink>  -Ed

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