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Simpatico With Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
from Stephen

Hi Ed. I read FlakeHQ with interest. I am a seborrhoeic dermatitis sufferer, which is the milder 'cousin' of P. I share many of the problems and sentiments of your readers. I have Seb Derm over my face which causes me a lot of misery. The one thing predictable about this condition is its unpredictability! I try many of the same products which you all use.

One thing I use which is of assistance to me is a moisturizing face wash called E-45. It contains zinc oxide which is useful for skin complaints. I suggest others might try this. It is for conditions such as P.

Another treatment is a herbal extract called Mahonia Aquifolium. I have not used it but I was reading about it recently and it seems to work very well for P sufferers. I would like to share this as perhaps it is unfamiliar to your readers but may be of some help.

I have great sympathy with sufferers of skin disorders. There are many worse cases than my own and I wish I could be of some help.

I think you are doing an excellent job. The Internet is a great source of assistance to people like us.

I hope to continue to visit your site and pass on any info, no matter how trivial as it may just help someone. Best wishes, -Stephen


Ed’s Response: Thanks for checking in and for passing along the info, Stephen. "E-45" is new to me, but I noticed in your e-mail’s header that you are from England (or using a British ISP) and that could explain why I haven’t heard of the product. If it’s available in the U.S. it’s probably under a different name, something like Shakespearean Facial Cleanser, or something.

I do know that zinc oxide is mentioned occasionally in reference to P treatments. I read in the psoriasis newsgroup recently that an Australian product, BOZ (Borax Olive Oil + Zinc oxide) is a product for treating cow’s udders but many psoriatics down under find it helps their P, too. (In the U.S. we have a similar product, Bag Balm, but I don’t know if it contains zinc oxide.) Interestingly, the National Psoriasis Foundation mentions zinc oxide once in the context of how to use the prescription medication Tazorac. According to this reference, some people who find Tazorac irritates their normal skin use zinc oxide around their P lesions to protect their normal skin from the Tazorac! Go figure!

A search for Mahonia Aquifolium in the archives for the newsgroup yielded 50 posts that mention this natural product ... so you’re in good company among P’s who are aware of it, too.

Stay in touch, Stephen. -Ed

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