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Soriatane and Male Reproductive Ability?
from Artie

Hi: I will be starting my Soriatane treatment. I have P over most of my body and have tried the steroid ointments and Exorex. Ointments contained it, Exorex made it worse (after $200). My concern is the small amount of the drug (1 part in 200,000) found in male sperm. My wife and I are currently trying to conceive. My doctor and the pharmacist feel that it will not affect my wife’s pregnancy if I take the soriatane. Anybody have any info? Thank you -Artie


Ed’s Response: Here is a direct quote from the National Psoriasis Foundation’s booklet, Oral Retinoid Therapy (which is mostly about Soriatane):

How does Soriatane affect male reproductive ability?

Soriatane is not a mutagen (a drug that affects genes). No reports have indicated changes in a man’s ability to father normal children, either while using the drug or after the treatment is completed.

If other folks have heard differently, hopefully they’ll drop us a line.

Good luck, Artie! -Ed

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