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Can the Clothes You Wear Make You Flare?
from CR

Just found you. Do you have — or can tell me where to get — documentation on the relationship between tight clothing — e.g., nylons — and P flare-ups? Or that loose clothing is advised. Anything like that? Thanks, -CR


Ed’s Response: I don’t know if anything from the medical or research community is available regarding the relationship between clothing and P. I have some personal experience (that I relate in Flake: Confessions of a Psoriatic, page 86-89). I found that wearing silk reduced my itching ... which reduced my scratching ... which reduced the severity of my lesions. I’m confident there has been nothing established about nylons specifically causing or exacerbating P — primarily because the National Psoriasis Foundation has made several references in print, through the years, about nylons as a cover-up for P lesions ... and there was no accompanying warnings about possible negative interactions.

Clothing that aggravates you does so through the skin, first. This includes fabrics that make you itch and clothing that is too tight. Severe clothing-related irritations, the kind that would cause chafing, could "Koebnerize" — i.e., turn into P lesions.

Anyone else have direct experience with clothing causing or aggravating their P? -Ed

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