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Sea BreezeŽ for Scalp P?
from Judith B.

Hi! Just wanted to drop a note, I really enjoyed the book [Flake: Confessions of a Psoriatic]. I have had psoriasis for about 11 years now. It's just on my scalp and two dots on my knees. (Hopefully it will just stay there!) We needed a good laugh about a nasty subject. My sister saw the book title and said, "Eww is it now a club or something?"

On a side note have you ever tried Sea Breeze for your scalp? They sell it in beauty supply stores for a scalp treatment. It also gets hair dye off your skin. You pour it on, rub it in, wait ... wait ... wait (about three minutes) then rinse and shampoo as normal. It feels pretty good and it gets flakes out. Then I go about the normal tar and feather routine. Well I bet everyone gives you a "home remedy." I enjoy your website thanks!! -Judith B.


Ed’s Response: Hadn’t heard about Sea Breeze, Judith ... but I’m not a big shopper for beauty supplies. Perhaps other readers have tried it?

Glad you liked the book and are enjoying FlakeHQ on the web. Is it a club? My wife seems to think so. She’s been lobbying me to host a big P conference and BBQ here on the horse farm. I’ve told her all those flakers in one place at the same time might upset some natural law ... cause the Earth to drift into an alternative universe or something.

Stay in touch. -Ed

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