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Tea Tree Oil Products
from Attila the Hun

Hi Ed: Just discovered FlakeHQ and find it very refreshing. I wanted to share with you and your readers that I have found tea tree oil products to be pretty helpful with scalp P.

I had severe P on my scalp for a couple of years and truly felt like I was wearing a helmet most of the time! I tried Paul Mitchell's tea tree shampoo and, when used a couple of times a week, it clears the scales and helps the itching. I don't use any of those other scale removers anymore (i.e, Dermasmoothe, P&S shampoo). The scale removers really work but are incredibly messy, require the shower cap at night and present an oh-so-lovely appearance at bed time.

Also, I tried the Paul Mitchell tea tree soap for shaving and as a body wash and that helped too. I am considering ordering pure tea tree oil to try. I was wondering if you have ever heard of people using tea tree oil on their psoriasis lesions?

I have had P for 7 years and am beginning to think that natural products are really the way to go. I have been using pure aloe vera gel, bought at the grocery store, and my lesions are lessening.

Nice talking to you. -Attila the Hun


Ed’s Response: Evidently, Attila, tea tree products are pretty well known in the P community and are either loved or hated. There’s a discussion thread about these at You can home right in on it by going to Ed Anderson’s The Skin Page and search for "tea tree" in the Skin-Diseases newsgroups (first search option listed on this page). Look down the list of hits for the several messages titled "Have You Tried TEA TREE Yet?"

You are certainly not alone in opting for a homeopathic approach to P treatment. Over the years I’ve heard from many flakers who have found natural topicals and diet — diet in particular — most helpful in controlling their P.

Good luck! -Ed

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