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Going Vegetarian Has Helped Considerably
from FiveFingers

I am a vegan [vegetarian] who has had this stupid disease since I was 10. I am now 32. About 10 years ago I decided to go totally vegan. It has helped, considerably. I still have the crap on my elbows, but I am free everywhere else. I used to be completely covered. And my experience with any kind of cream, lotion, gel, etc., is that they serve only a cosmetic purpose. A 99 cent jar of petroleum jelly does the exact same thing as a 40 dollar tube of quackery. Now I rarely even moisturize and this seems to be the best treatment. Forget that you have it. Let go. Eat well. Relax. -FiveFingers


Last month: Homeopathic Way (Diet) was Hard—But It Worked, from Lynne C.

Ed’s Response: Thanks for adding your testimony to Lynne C’s (and others archived here) in support of vegetarianism as a palliative for flaking. I certainly don’t poo-poo this course as a practical experiment for flakers. It would not be fair, though, to ignore some of the counterpoint testimony.

In Tomatoes are the Culprit, Caroline K. argues that eliminating this vegetable from her diet improved her P., and in Viceless but Flaking, Nic W. reports from his fifth year on a ‘vegan’ diet that, while overall his P improved, it never totally subsided and was, in fact, starting to show up in new places (his eyelids).

Now the first thing you are probably wanting to point out, FF — and I agree with you in advance! — is that not all vegetarian diets are the same! Would we meat eaters suggest that a diet built around pork sausage is no different than a diet built around chicken breasts? Of course not. Nor would a diet based on fancy nuts — cashews, almonds, walnuts — have the same effect as whatever your diet is based upon.

Until we understand more about the chemistry of metabolism on the cellular level — and, in particular, immune system responses — we will be scratching our heads about whether or not subtracting something from our diet, or adding something to it, or both affects our flaking. And, even then, we are likely to find it varies within the community of flakers. In a single grossly overpriced visit to a certified dietitian I heard one thing that sounded reasonable, eat a variety of things in moderation. I felt like asking her if she read that off the back of the same box of crackers I did.

It also seems to me that, unless one is lucky enough to discover a particular food that triggers one’s P, it seems to be only the most drastic dietary changes that have impressive effects on our flaking. I hear frequently from people who follow the Pagano diet and express how strict it is ... meaning tough to follow (see Pagano’s Diet Works). One wonders if the self-esteem that accompanies accomplishment (sticking to a strict diet) isn’t, in itself, a P palliative?

In any event, it is remains constantly interesting to read and learn about how flakers are managing their P through homeopathic approaches. Thanks again! -Ed

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