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Looking Forward to Beach Vacation
from Ann in the UK

Ed: I am delighted you are almost P-free! At 41, with P since I was 9, I have had only one respite, which lasted about 18 months. It is difficult to explain just how ... pleasant ... it was not to be itching. It has returned with a vengeance over the last two years, which I can directly attribute to stress.

I've been on antidepressants for over a year, which makes me feel better, but the P stays! I leave tomorrow for a two week vacation in Cornwall, with the intention of spending every day on the beach and in the sea. It is not our usual holiday — we are doers rather than sitters — but nothing else is working at the moment.

I just wanted to drop a line, say Hi, and let you know how ... important? special? enjoyable? ... you and your site are to me. What I am trying to say is, I like it, and I like you. Enjoy the itch-less-ness! -Ann in the UK.

PS — I had a brief correspondence with a guy on the net, who, before he got weird on me, said he had a condition like mine. After a few notes back and forth, it turns out he had epilepsy. But only when he was asleep. Hmmm. Psoriasis, but only when I'm asleep. Sounds like a good deal!


Ed’s Response: Nice to hear from you, Ann. If you can directly attribute your P to stress, hopefully the vacation in Cornwall — which is intended to be stress-free, I’m sure — will improve your condition.

With regard to my own momentary freedom from P: Yesterday, for the first time in a decade, I rolled up the sleeves on my shirt and had my hair cut above my ears. Today (it’s early still) I’m thinking about wearing my sandals without any socks! Despite how all this might sound, these are real milestones for me.

You pose an interesting supposition. Slightly projected: How many of us would take a drug that limited our flaking to nighttime only? Hmmm. That one will have me thinking for days.

Have a nice vacation. -Ed

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