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Reasons to be Glad We Are Flakers
from Hazel

Isn't it just the hardest thing to find reasons to be glad you are a psoriatic? However, we flakers do our best as many of these letters testify. I am just on my way to the UK to visit my Dad as usual. My eldest Son has moved there now, too, so it is yet another reason to go there. Dad is dusting off the Dustbuster® he bought specially for my visits and I am packing tablets and creams, trying to work out how much I will need for a month in my native land.

However, before I go, I thought I would give you all another reason to be glad you are a psoriatic.

As a psoriatic, you would have to be criminally stupid to be a criminal! In these days of police DNA testing, which one of us would be moronic enough to commit a crime, knowing that we would leave sufficient DNA to keep the crime lab busy for a fortnight and then be arrested?

So, you are probably asking, what ever is the crazy woman from South Africa on about? Well — I can't believe that any one of the nice people I share this site with is criminally stupid, so we must all be upright, law abiding citizens. Isn't that nice to know? OK it's a small win, but a plus anyway.

If that isn't enough reason [to be glad you are a flaker] try this: A friend of mine has AIDS, full blown and very far advanced. Tell-tale black spots all over her body, susceptible to each and every infection that comes her way. She was raped five years ago — a common occurrence in South Africa, one woman raped every 12 minutes they say — so it wasn’t as if she asked for it. We were talking the other day and I was moaning about the inevitability of looking like frosty the snowman every time I wore my black suit and she looked at me and said she would rather have psoriasis all over her body than her black spots. We cried for ages after that, and it made me appreciate the fact that what I and all of you have is a heap better that what she has.

So, if you can't find any joy in being amongst law abiding citizens, be grateful that what you have isn't going to kill you.

My friend with AIDS would fit in very well with us. She finds humor in the problems our conditions present and is, most of the time, very positive.

OK that's my contribution for a month or so. Lots of love, -Hazel from Rustenburg, South Africa


Ed’s Response: Agreed agreed agreed. My own version of this same story is here in the Articles section: My Role Model. Enjoy your holiday, Hazel. I know you can go on line while in England because that’s where you picked up the "chat habit" last year. So, we do not expect the fact that you’re out of town means you’re out of touch! -Ed

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