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Looking to Buy Psorigon in the UK
from Dave H.

Dear Ed: I came across you site whilst searching for an alternative supplier for Psorigon, after the only UK supplier told me that they had withdrawn it for a short while, as it was going to be re-marketed again shortly.

I was amazed to read some of the reports on your web site of how people were suffering after stopping use of the cream. However, I can only speak as I find. I am only a very mild sufferer, mainly on the joints of elbows and knees. The jar of Psorigon I had lasted me almost two years, as I only had to apply it for a few days at a time and then I would be clear for many weeks or even months afterwards. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread! I have tried PS-98 but find it has little or no effect.

So, if anyone in the UK has a sealed jar of Psorigon sitting on the shelf that they do not want, I would be quite willing to buy it from them. -Dave H.


Ed’s Response: I’m not surprised Psorigon worked wonders for your mild case of P, Dave. The jar you used with such success for almost two years probably had a prescription-strength corticosteroid in it but unlisted on the label. Rather than support the company that bucks the system by supplying potentially harmful drugs illegally, you might be just as happy with a prescription product. I understand these strong topical corticosteroids are available by prescription in the UK: Demovate, Demovate NN, Halciderm and Nerisonetate. You might give one or more of these a try. (And there are probably others I don’t know about.) -Ed

P.S. - For a running account of the "Psorigon War" in England, search on Psorigon from the FlakeHQ home page or look it up in the Archives

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