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She’s Drowning in Advice and Sympathy
from Kaye P.

I have just found your site, and I have to say, it's one of the few things to make me laugh about my Psoriasis (hand and foot Pustular). I am relatively new to this kind of thing, having only been suffering for about 18 months, and it's been really bad this past couple of weeks (well I think so, although I have been told to be grateful that I have hands and feet to get sore!). I was actually browsing the web looking for any treatment/relief suggestions, I've had PUVA which cleared it up until 4 days after I stopped, and almost every known steroid cream according to my GP. I’ve tried herbal remedies, lotions, potions and pills.

My Gran offered this pearl of wisdom: "If you leave it alone it will go away, just like it came."

My dermatologist suggested stopping smoking, as "Most of this type of thing in women is due to an allergy to tar in cigarettes." (I did and it didn't help.)

I went to an alternative practitioner, he said "Stopping smoking probably made it worse because now you have no outlet for stress, which is obviously what is causing it."

However the best things I've had said to me have been by my (usually supportive) boyfriend: "Will you stop picking your feet? You're like a little kid picking it's nose." And (his dad is a shepherd) "It's dipping time for the sheep and maybe we should attend. If that stuff gets rid of foot rot on sheep, it should work for you."

And another time, my boyfriend again: "Why don't you ask the doctor about maggots? I saw a documentary on the TV about it. They eat all the dead skin ... no, it’s flesh ... well, same difference. It might work!"

Anyway, I must get back to work where everyone is very sympathetic — "Ooooh, it's awfully red and inflamed. Is it sore? Why are you limping? Are your feet sore?" I'm just feeling very, very sorry for myself today, and other people's well intentioned sympathies are getting on my nerves, although I am managing to stay gracious!

It has been very relieving to rant and rave to someone who has heard it all before! Best wishes, -Kaye P.


Ed’s Response: Well, maybe I’ve heard all this before, maybe I haven’t. But you put it so wonderfully, Kaye! Funny and sad at the same time. Is that possible?

Gran I can forgive. But the dermatologist? Good grief! Where did he come from? The alternative practitioner, on the other hand, seems to have a handle on P. And your boyfriend? Well, I think his heart is in the right place. Finally, you co-workers lend substance to the phrase "drowning in sympathy."

You come back to rant and rave any time you want, Kaye. -Ed

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