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After 24 Years It's the End of Her Rope
from Christine W.

Hi, Ed. My name is Christine and I'm 26 years old. I've had P for 24 years! I've had it all. I am currently experiencing pustule eruptions all over my body (I've always had extensive coverage).

I've had two remissions in my life: I had a brief ER visit after my mom passed away ('95) and took three small pills and did UVB after which my P went away briefly.

Last year I had a baby and during the pregnancy my P was unbearable. I was bedridden and depressed. Now it's painful to hold my son and the doctors want to put me on Methotrexate and do liver biopsies and I'm afraid that this is dangerous. I am at the end of my mental rope. Literally.

I've heard it all and the worst is when these doctors tell you to pick a cream or ointment—or that they're not sure they can help—but hell, let's try this powerful stuff and see what happens....

Your site was a blessing! Thank you. -Christine W.


Ed's Response: Welcome Christine. As you know, now's not the moment to get a totally unbiased opinion out of me regarding Methotrexate. I certainly understand your hesitancy. I stayed away from it for nearly a decade, and am trying it now, for the first time because ... well ... because I was at the end of my rope, too.

Perhaps I could have continued on trying more topicals had my plaque psoriasis not started to get worse.... Perhaps I could have spent a few more years pursuing over-the-counter relief for my aching leg joints had my psoriatic arthritis not become so severe it almost immobilized me.... But, in my case, worsening plaque psoriasis ON TOP OF worsening psoriatic arthritis defined, for me, the end of my rope.

It is too soon to tell if the M is going to do anything for me. (Yesterday I took my second weekly dosage.) I am keeping a detailed journal and in another month or so I will post it here. As one who has for so long sworn opposition to systemic psoriasis remedies, and perhaps, for better or for worse, persuaded others to stay away from them as well, I owe full disclosure to everyone. Perhaps, Christine, you've found FlakeHQ just in time? Stay tuned. -Ed