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Worst Case of Sudden Onset He'd Seen
from Alex's Mom

Hi, all. I am Mom to an 8 year-old who's just been inducted into a dermatologist's Hall of Fame as "the worst case of sudden onset I've ever seen." Which, by the way, was said in front of my son, which I think qualifies for "Don't Say This!" My son is pretty scared, but, for a month now, trying to get used to the lotions and creams covering his body. We've tried three and are on our fourth combination (along with a shot in the butt for good measure).

I just wanted to say that in my last three weeks of searching the net FlakeHQ was a welcome, much needed oasis in a desert of stodgy, medical contradictions. Thanks for it and it's bookmarked as number 1 in my favorites. One question: Clicking on the kids page you mention in Other Places did not take me anywhere. Can you provide a complete web address for this site? Thanks again. -Alex's Mom

P.S. - I'd love to hear from other P-parents. My email is [email protected] and, yes, I DID register that on the P. Contact page.


Ed's Response: Welcome, Alex's Mom. I'm flattered to read FlakeHQ is considered "an oasis in a desert of stodgy, medical contradictions," and accept that as a compliment on behalf of all of us. Keep reading and I'm sure you will find we EMBODY all those contradictions. Perhaps they are more interesting when dressed up with real faces and real personalities—in other words, real flaky people.

Your son's derm is another who warrants the Disgust Buzzer and a drop through the trapdoor on stage. Can it be that after all that medical training these bozos still believe only sticks and stones break bones? I hope his treatment decisions are more appropriate than his bedside manner.

Thank you for pointing out the bad link to Allyson's Page in Other Places. I confirmed the link has died. I'm removing the reference for the time being. If anyone has information for me as to what's happened to Allyson's Page, please email me!

If other cases of child-P I've heard about are typical, Mom, your son won't stay scared for long. When he hits the teen years his fear may change to rage. That's tough and something you wish to avoid. His self-esteem and interpersonal skills may take a beating in the next few years, and I'm concerned because your derm appears to have as much sensitivity to this sort of thing as a gnat. If you haven't joined the National Psoriasis Foundation, yet, please consider doing so. Their Bulletin has a page for kids, I believe they still support a pen-pal network, and they can provide comprehensive information on summer camps and other activities appropriate for P-kids.

And keep us apprized. We can be mustered to send email to our small friends in need. -Ed