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Spots Linger After Guttate Sores Subside
from PM

I am responding to a letter discussing dark spots that are left AFTER the psoriasis heals. You had mentioned that you had never experienced that. Well I have the same problem! The guttate spots are completely healed but there are dark slightly purplish discolorations where they were. I think it may be only guttate P that causes it. Does any one know if the dark spots eventually go away? -PM


Ed's Response: Anyone have experience with these lingering spots? Please share it with us! I asked my derm, who responded: "They fade with enough time. Leg spots take the longest. Rare to have any [discoloration] left after months, but ‘no guarantees in medicine,' that's for sure!" When one or more of my plaque lesions disappear entirely it usually presages a remission (for those lesions only) for several months. Typically, "improvement" for me is a 95% business: the lesions stop flaking, flatten, become an almost unnoticeable pink color. I know they are there, but they don't attract attention and they DON'T ITCH. As long as they are pink and visible, I know they will flare again soon. The quickest way for me to migrate a lesion from "flame time" to "asleep and pink" is to occlude it with a strong topical corticosteroid, usually for at least three consecutive nights. I just finished doing this with my hands. Though some scaling activity remains, the lesions have turned pink and flattened due to three nights of occlusion with Diprolene. I can tell by the way they feel that this will last no more than a few days. -Ed