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Is Flaking a White People's Curse?
from Jim P.

Dear Eddy: How's things Stateside? Weather is rather cool this side of the planet. Hope you enjoyed your break. Reading the mail I was glad to see you have a soft spot for England as I'm English by birth but have been living in Australia for 30 years. Which leads me to my query.

In my occupation as a prison officer, I am called upon to conduct strip searches of prisoners. I have yet to notice any trace of P on any aboriginal people, and very seldom on Asians. Are some races more prone to P than others? Are your Native Americans P free? Enjoy your summer. -Jim P.


Just reading back through the mail on your site. The letter from China really brought a tear to my eye, and your reply hit a spot....

My P at the moment is not too bad. No flaking, but still red patches on my legs. Eddy, my P's been real bad in the past; REAL bad, neck to ankles. Only another serious flaker could understand, not just your knees and elbows flaker. Man, they should have just rang the bell unclean for me. The worst part for me is how it effected my personality. Do you feel the same, Eddy?

Well, I've had my winghe for the month so I'm happy now. I really have a smile on my face. So long for now and regards to yourself and family. -Jim P.


Ed's Response: You're wintering down under, Jimmy. In the Blue Grass it's hot summer and drought to boot. Just this week, in my county and one adjacent, water rationing was commenced. (We need a lot of water to keep the "blue" in our "blue grass.") When we ration water here its use outdoors is mostly curtailed. We blue-collars must put away the garden hoses, and the Peacocks who own the big spreads (the "estates") must turn off their fountains and artificial gurgling brooks ... plus they best hope the water in their pools doesn't evaporate because they're no longer allowed to replenish it.

There does seem to be a larger population of flakers among the paler-skinned nordic types; however, I've been told we can all flake. I have received correspondence from Native Americans who flake. Ask your Dr. next time you visit if there are psoriatics in the Native Australian populations.

I'm glad you brought up the matter of personality and severe P, Jim. Yes, I DO understand what you are saying and, yes, I did experience what I considered to be personality problems when my P got real severe early on. I retired to my cave and used my P to justify alienation from everybody and everything except booze. During this time I started the journal (or diary) that ultimately inspired my book, Flake: Confessions of a Psoriatic. Ultimately I figured out that alienation and inebriation weren't providing anything positive. Hopefully, whatever damage might have been done to my personality before I woke up wasn't permanent. Hopefully, I emerged a better person. -Ed