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Supposing About the "Yeast Connection"
from Cathy A.

Ed: I enjoy your website and plan on visiting it again (often, I hope, to keep updated).

I am a 42 year old woman who's had "guttate" P since I was 5 years old. I have suffered emotionally (due to this disease) for most of my life. My sense of humor about life has helped me to deal with the disease, although it can be difficult.

The only time my skin has cleared up (maybe 75%) was when I was pregnant with my three children. However, after the births of my children, my psoriasis came back with a vengeance. Until recently, my skin was probably 70% covered.

I have tried topicals (and like others, they only work for a limited time), steroid injections and PUVA. I have refused to use drugs such as Methotrexate because of the toxicity.

I have some arthritis in one foot, but that's about it. I went on a very strict, low-fat diet in the fall of 98 and did see a lot of clearing of my psoriasis. I am very interested in knowing more about the "yeast connection" and the idea that psoriasis is caused by an intestinal disorder. What is your opinion?

Thank you for your time. (P.S. Did you ever read the book, "Self-Consciousness" by John Updike? He also suffers from this dreaded disease.) -Cathy A.


Ed's Response: Hi Cathy. Thanks for joining us and we look forward to your repeat visits. I shared your attitude towards Methotrexate until recently and, at this writing (7/15/99) am hoping to start an M regimen as early as tomorrow. I've run out of options and my condition has deteriorated. I'd rather try the M than let P arthritis knock me down entirely.

Also like you, I find the "yeast connection" therapy that's been discussed here lately very interesting (see links at end). My opinion isn't worth much because it's grossly uninformed. In the absence of real knowledge I do a lot of supposing. I've always supposed that monkeying with one's digestive system and nutritional intake is likely to generate physical changes, like sitting down at a poker game is most likely to alter your financial situation one way or another. Whether you win, lose or break even may be matters of chance, but the only way to obtain the experience is to play the game. The fact that you have already experienced good results from a strict diet suggests to me you might be a good candidate to "play the yeast connection game." Is there any danger (check with doctor)? If not, what have you got to lose that you can't afford?

I'm embarrassed to say that I just recently read Updike's "Self-Consciousness." I've known for years that he was a flaker who had written about P, but no one could tell me how to get my hands on that writing until a few months ago. A FlakeHQ correspondent told me about "Self-Consciousness" and I ordered it the same day from For anyone else who might want to read Updike's inspired account, the ISBN number for the paperback edition (a Fawcett Crest book) is 0-449-21821-X (cover price US$6.99, CANADA$8.99). There are six long essays in this book. The second essay regards Updike's psoriasis: "At War with My Skin." Thanks for reminding me of this, Cathy. -Ed

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