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Flaking in Paradise
from Ruud B.

Hi Ed. I'd just like to tell you how much I enjoy Flake HQ. I am living and working in Jamaica; am 58 years young and developed P 9 years ago. Thanks to the Jamaica sun and salt water I can cover my P with a good sun tan. Ultravate seems to control spots on penis, navel and earlobe. Tarsum shampoo works well on my head. I run a dive shop so I am in the salt water al de time. Keep up the good work. -Ruud B.


Ed's Response: Do you know what I call "priceless," Ruud? Having a friend who owns a dive shop in Jamaica. That's priceless. You just come on in, stay as long as you like, make yourself right at home here at Flake HQ. Meet some folks.... Oh by the way: What do you suppose is the cheapest way to spend a week in Jamaica? Staying with someone you know?....

On a more serious note, your email is most welcome, Ruud. Many of us harbor a suspicion that life in the sun and surf would cure us. You are living testament to the fact that P can survive even this, the most enviable of palliative regimens.

I'm sure some people would find a Jamaica regimen beneficial, and it's one of those at the top of my "don't knock it until you've tried it" list. As a matter of fact, it might be at the very top.

Stay in touch Ruud. We'd be interested in knowing if you've become acquainted with any flaker-customers and what they've have to say about Jamaica's affect on their P. -Ed