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XOMA Ltd.'s hu1124 Trials
from RF

Dear Ed—just found your site tonight—great! Please update your brief comment [from June/July Briefing] re: new P drug being researched in Oregon. Hope you are doing well. I have P—am starting on MTX [Methotrexate] next week. Take care. -RF


Ed's Response: Sometimes, RF, if you wait long enough the job gets done for you. Who says procrastination doesn't pay?

The drug research you are referring to (and that I mentioned in my last Briefing) was evidently conducted at several locations, including the Oregon Research Center, in Canada and the U.S.

XOMA Ltd. is sponsoring the research and posted this news release about the trials on July 8th.

"XOMA Investigator Presents Positive Results from Phase II Psoriasis Study of hu1124/anti-CD11a Antibody Product at Canadian Dermatology Association Meeting"

(Full pathway to the news release, via XOMA's web site, is )

I'm not shy ... Let me tell you what I find exciting about this research. Aside from the fact that it's garnering results, it's doing so outside genetic-based investigation. The hu1124 trials may yield a drug that will benefit me. While I'm all for gene therapy and a full understanding of the genetic underpinnings of P, I am also aware that the research in this area is not likely to pay off for years.

I wish to thank Yan S., an e-mail correspondent, who pointed me to Lorriebelle, who became an e-mail correspondent. Lorriebelle took part in the hu1124 trials in Portland and regards her results as "miraculous." -Ed