Mail (July, 1998)

Lately to Care For Her P
from Judy

Hi Ed: This was so funny my sister and I laughed for a half hour! We're drivin' down the road in the summer and I have my elbow hangin' out the open window. We come to a red light and the lady in the car next to us looks at me and says, "Lady, you've got flour on your elbow." Without thinking, I said "Oh no, I have psoriasis." I held up my other arm. The woman could've died. It was probably the longest green light she ever waited for.

Ed, thanks for the humor. It helps. You're the first person I've ran across who could laugh at this disease. I just stumbled onto your page as I was looking for news about P. Yes, I too am a sufferer. I also have epilepsy, and suffer from migraines. It all started when I got pregnant 31 years ago with my first child. My body seemed to say, I'll pay you back for doing this to me! Gran mal seizures started at 5 months along with "pink dots" on my arms no one knew about. I asked the doctors if it was P because my uncle has P and had to retire with a disability from welding when he developed psoriatic arthritis in the late 60s. The doctors assured me it was NOT P.

Twelve years later I was finally diagnosed with P by a derm. I couldn't believe doctors are so ignorant about this disease. Anyway, everything is under control, I've been seizure-free for a year and a half, and self-inject medication for migraines. What a blessing! Can't seem to get the P under control, but I've got to admit I've never really tried. Am going to do that now.

Thanks for letting me talk with you a bit. Have a great day! -Judy

P.S. I also experience "Nats affect" [symmetrical lesions, see archives].


Ed's Response: You had other fish to fry, Judy. That's why you're a latecomer to this ever-exciting-world of Flakers looking for solutions. I know the feeling. Shortly after I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I got off on that tangent and let the P treatments languish for a few months. We get irritated into action by our P, but it's just not comparable to many of the other ailments that can come down the pike.

I wish I'd have been a nat on that lady's window while she waited for the green light! I would have been less forthright. I would have said to the lady, "Is that what this is? Do you know how many thousands of dollars in doctor bills you could have saved me, lady?" ;-) -Ed


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