Mail (July, 1998)

Pustular Psoriasis on Hands
from Courtney B.

Ed: Your quotes ["Don't Say This"] really lifted my spirits. I am a 22 year old psoriatic nurse who is constantly asked questions like "Are you addicted to lotion?" and "You poor thing," and don't forget, the concerned friend, "Should you be peeling that?" Or, "They look like little pimples, maybe you should wash your hands more." That last one was from my mother, and by the way, on average I wash my hands between 50-70 times per day, being a nurse and all.

I'm very self-conscious about my hands and often wear gloves when I'm with patients to avoid any ignorant questions. Thank you for helping me to laugh about it.

I'd appreciate any information you find about pustular psoriasis. Thanks for listening. -Courtney B.


Ed's Response: Another PP-Handy! You're a part of my rather exclusive group, Courtney! Why settle for run-of-the-mill flakes when we can sport the pimples of pustular psoriasis, too? Right there on our hands for everybody to see!

I happen to have both plaque and pustular psoriasis on my hands. The plaque is more or less constant, the pustular comes and goes.

I presume you have already received NPF's literature on pustular psoriasis. If you haven't, go to their site (see OTHER PLACES) and ask for it. My derm treats both kinds the same way. His only pustular-specific comments being: "Don't break the blisters on purpose. If they DO break, keep them clean and take your antibiotic."

Thanks for dropping by, Courtney. If you didn't read about poor nursing student Belinda's problems in our archives, you may want to. You will appreciate what she went through. Click here. -Ed


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