Mail (July, 1998)

Paxil for Depression; Tazorac & Dovonex
from Tuesday

Ed: I have been taking Paxil (40mg) for almost one year. It has not helped or worsened my P. However, it has helped me in the emotional arena: No more wild, kick-ass mood swings. I am like a new woman.

By the way, I just found this site. It's great. I was diagnosed with P at 35 years old (3 years ago). Dovonex hasn't helped me either :-(

Have you any information or have you tried "Tazorac"? If so, what was your personal experience?

Thanks :-) Tuesday


Ed's Response: Your e-mail was propitious, Tuesday. My daughter (grown) just got prescribed Paxil for her panic attacks ... which bothers me a little. Seems I may no longer get to spend the quality time with her I used to count on whenever there was a tornado alert in our area. (She used to bee-line to my house when the alerts came.) I just ended my own, personal Dovonex trial and concluded that, for me, it was no where worth the money it cost. Oh well, now I know. Hopefully I'll be trying Tazorac later on this summer. NPF has some comprehensive information posted on their web site: Once there, click on search. Evidently you've got to be very careful about how and how often you apply it. -Ed


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