Mail (July, 1998)

Colleague's Out of Patience
from Frederick S.

Hi Ed: First I would like to say how thankful I am for your site. The humor has left me in stitches.

The other day I was diligently helping a colleague understand new software at the office. He kept giving me funny looks. Of course, it didn't take long to realize what was bothering him. :)- While sitting at my desk he came in to go over our lesson for the day and blurted out (get this): "GOD, You know I really wish that stuff would just go away!"

Typically I wouldn't share such a thing however this has never happened to me and it just feels real damn good to vent. Warmest Regards -Frederick L.


Ed's Response: What did you say in response to that, Frederick? Any of these things?

Possible Responses:

1. "Me too!"
2. "It will, when you leave."
3. "Heavens why? I never get lost! I leave a trail wherever I go!"
4. "Don't you find it more interesting than this software?"
5. "I only flake on you because I care so much."
6. "You know, it only seems to be a problem when you're around."
7. "If it makes you itch, scratch me instead."
8. "You're just jealous. Who pays any attention to you?"
9. "Too bad you can't shed your skin."
10. "You're fired. You're intolerant of diversity in the work force."
11. "You'd never make it on Babylon 5."

I could keep going. I gotta stop. -Ed


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