Mail (July, 1998)

Diabetic Diet Helped P
from John N.

Ed: I have been a psoriasis sufferer for many years. Three years ago I was diagnosed as a diabetic and am controlled solely by diet which means no sugars, no fats, lots of fiber and fruits. My skin improved markedly. I also use a veterinary product available here in Australia called Ruddicks Deri Salve. It's used to heal cracks in cow's teats and works a treat on psoriasis. Tomatoes also seem to aggravate my condition . Regards, -John N.


Ed's Response: You're a "Type 2" diabetic, John, if your condition can be controlled through diet alone. American Diabetic Association literature points out that the correct diet—which you are following—is likely to be good for you "all around," as well as necessary to control your diabetes; so it's no surprise your P improved, too. Why it improved could be simple or complicated, however. It could be general stress reduction positively affected your P. Or, it could be your P was triggered in whole or in part by some food-related reactions that your new diet avoids. Who knows? Who cares? You're thankful!

Ruddicks DeriSalve sounds like Australia's version of "Bag Balm" in the U.S. Bag Balm has been long known to palliate lesions for some psoriatics. In fact, some pharmacies here in the States put Bag Balm on the shelves next to other skin care products, even though it, like DeriSalve, was concocted for cows' dried and cracking udders. I tried Bag Balm once but quit using it when I developed an overpowering urge to adopt every orphaned calf I came across here in Kentucky's Blue Grass region. -Ed

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