Mail (July, 1998)

A Mom's Sympathy
from Corey

Ed, Just found your site and thought I'd drop a note. I'm the mother of a 11 year old who has had psoriasis since 6. We are constantly trying to educate ourselves on new treatments and are trying the tanning bed under a Dr's supervision. Your "Don't Say This" page has me crying and laughing at the same time. Crying because of a parents heart, and laughing because humor is healing. People don't think about how cutting words can be, and watching my daughter learn to handle this has taught me. As I watch her grow I see a young women with such a sweet spirit and tenderness towards people that it makes me proud to be her Mom! Looking forward to visiting your site! -Corey


Ed's Response: Glad you found us! Parents can make all the difference in the world to P kids. I hope you've introduced your daughter to Allyson's Page on the web (check out OTHER PLACES for the link). It warms my heart to read you are aggressively trying to find ways to combat your girl's P. No doubt, in a few more years she'll go through a blue period, and accuse you and all the treatments of wasting her time. But she'll get over that. In a few more years she'll thank you for conditioning her to hold on to hope and try what's yet to come along. In the meantime, you're showing her what CARE GIVING is all about. Keep up the good work, and best of luck to you and yours! -Ed

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