Mail (July, 1998)

Judith D's USANA Trial & Zinc Experience
from Diane B.

Dear Ed: Okay, so I was wondering when the heck you'd get around to updating your site. But, I must admit, it was worth the wait. The mail you posted has really got me going.

I e-mailed Judith (looking for volunteers for the nutritional program [see link at end]). I believe I am going to be one of the guinea pigs and I'm pretty darned excited about it. I visited the web site of the company (if you haven't checked it out, you should—it downloads quickly!). There are complete ingredient lists for each and every product. I read the lists to my Dad (a doctor) and he has given me the go-ahead. True to Judith's words, the company does not promise a cure at all. Instead, they just lay out the facts, which look pretty encouraging to me. Hey, I may even lose a few pounds just in time for summer!

On another note, I tried the mega-doses-of-Zinc program that another of your correspondents talked about, with similar results [see link at end]. Did I say similar? Well, I guess if he thought his life was going to end staring in the toilet it might be similar. I have NEVER been as ill as I was from taking all that Zinc. Too bad I threw away that booklet. I'd love to send that doctor a lovely little letter!

Anyhow, I am looking forward to sending you an e-mail in early July to let you know how Judith's program is going. Wish me luck!! -Diane B.


Ed's Response: Good to hear from you Diane, and am looking forward to your USANA trial results. I know Judith is eager to determine if her own good results happen to others.

Thanks for feedback on the Zinc regimen. Kissin' porcelain is never a pleasant experience; however, now you know something you didn't know before you tried! -Ed

Judith's Free Trial

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