Rhetorical Question
by Glenn L.

Ed: I'm 45 years old. Have had P since the age of 7 (8?). Been married three times. Recently diagnosed with diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, and am a recovering alcoholic (three+ years sober).

Question: Can I blame all my troubles on psoriasis?


Ed's Response:

Dear Glenn: I don't know. I suppose you can blame anything you want to on your psoriasis. Sounds like you and I have walked around many of the same blocks in the last few decades. If you and I were sharing the same grate right now, we'd no doubt be commiserating while watching the lucky ones hurry by. But ... we're not sharing a grate. You're still on the road to somewhere and so am I. Chances are, wherever we're getting to will be better than where we have been, and if not, we keep on truckin'. -Ed

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