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Rosacea on top of P Ends Light Therapy Solution
from SE

I have psoriasis.  Growing up it was bad on my elbows, scalp and knees. As I have gotten older I am plagued by terrible flakes in my eyebrows with only the occasional eruption in my hair line. 

I feel fairly lucky that for the most part my psoriasis is under control — without any medication from the dermatologist!  My father's P was horrible on both arms and legs.  I have found that the occasional visit to a tanning bed works wonders for me, as does a couple drops of tea tree oil added to inexpensive shampoo.

My problem now is I can no longer go into the sun.  I have developed Rosacea and the dermatologist said to avoid heat.  He is right about this because too hot of a shower now causes the flare ups on nose and cheeks.

Have you any advice or information on sufferers of both skin conditions?  Thanks!! –SE


Ed’s Response:  I don’t have any advice, SE.  I empathize with your inability to use light therapies — especially since they used to work for you — because my vitiligo prevents me from using them, too.

I know little about rosacea (they do have a national organization with a web site:  National Rosacea Society,  You should make your inquiry to the National Psoriasis Foundation Dr. Tell Me column, which you can read and submit to on-line if you are an NPF member.

I read through the treatments section at the web site ( and was disappointed that no list of long-established treatments jumped out at me.  Instead there was an explanation about how rosacea symptoms differ and treatment regimens must be tailored ... ending with a sort of loose admission that lots of little things can be done to fight specific symptoms but mostly lifestyle changes offer the best chances of accomplishing long-term remission.  Sounds to me like we’re a lot further away from understanding (and thereby combating) rosacea than we are P! 

Also, SE, find a derm with lots of experience with both conditions.  Good luck!  -Ed

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