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Von Zumbusch is Sharing His  P
from Sharon D.

Hi Ed: My name is Sharon D. and I was just told that I have Von Zumbusch psoriasis (head to toe with exception of the face).  Just think what a thrill it was to come back from a cruise and think you had contact dermatitis (pool and hot tub culprits) and in three short days take yourself to the emergency room and end up in the hospital!  Yee Ha.  This happened at the end of  June. 

Anyway, the internal med folks in the Emergency room and on the floor had no clue what was wrong and I sure didn't have any idea.  I was lucky to have an older derm Doc show up and take a stab at Pustular and Erythrodermic Psoriasis.  This was not fun!  He did a biopsy on one of the pustular presentations and confirmed his guess two days later. 

To say that I was not thrilled would be an understatement. 

So, now I'm on Neoral [cyclosporine] and the pustular symptoms are gone.  I had a great tan but now I'm slightly red all over (not really bad I think).  I've shed all my skin like a reptile — still some on my cracking hands — and I appear to be one incredibly dried out woman (bad dehydrator accident here). 

I'm looking for somebody who can help a newcomer to P figure out what I am in for and how to get my entire body out of the "parched" rough mode.  Rubbing up against me is like getting your cat to lick you clean!  Hey, I still have a sense of humor and the family is helping me keep that too.  I feel like a greased up toad when I put on the lotion and in a matter of a few hours I'm dry and itchy.  HELP.  I'll accept the red spots but will I ever have skin that is a little bit naturally greasy again?

Ed, looking for help and suggestions out here in Knoxville TN.  I've been to a couple of the other sites but really enjoyed yours and the folks who participate.  Read the articles and got tickled.

Thanks.  Would appreciate any advice from you or others.  I think I'm still in denial! This has managed to keep me from work.  And I'm nervous about going back since I've got a very stressful job... -Sharon D.


Ed’s Response:   Welcome Sharon.  And to think, I’ve been contemplating a cruise!  (That’s:  I was contemplating a cruise.) 

I think you should march right back to your derm, Sharon, and tell him to give Von Zumbusch his P back!  You didn’t ask for it, you don’t want it — he can have it.

Seriously, I’ve not heard “Von Zumbusch” before, but then again, your derm probably hasn’t heard of Nat’s Effect, either....

It sounds like, now that you’ve been properly diagnosed, your treatments are working for you.  Dry skin and dehydration are two huge problems that seem packaged with erythrodermic P, and you’re probably already launched on some journey (of indeterminate length) to discover your best moisturizing routine.  Fortunately, when you find a good moisturizing routine both your itching and your skin dehydration (non-P flaking, cracking, feeling of tightness as though your skin shrunk while you were napping) should improve.

If you haven’t already, you may want to read the exchanges in the FlakeHQ archive about “A&D Ointment.”  (A search from the homepage on “A&D” should turn up about 9 documents in the archives.)  Most of these have been archived in the past year or so.  It seems “A&D” — though touted as a product for babies — is a mighty potent moisturizer that works for many flakers, too.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you’re getting on, Sharon.  Very few flakers go from “What’s P?” to full-blown erythrodermic as you have done.  Those of us who consider ourselves severe are appropriately humbled by your experiences.  And we like you lots, Sharon, because despite what you’re going through you’re still grinning.  We suck strength out of that like a thirsty man finding an oasis.  -Ed

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