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Pagano’s Diet and Dovobet 
from Melanie C.

I just got my PC in May and was very lucky to find your site.  I ordered Dr. Pagano’s book, Healing Psoriasis [], read it and started doing the diet a month ago.  For the first time in about a year new guttate lesions have stopped coming out. 

I'm 33 and have had psoriasis for nearly 18 years. When it first started to come out it was only on my elbows, which never bothered me, but as I was getting older I started to get it on my legs and hands, which I would suppress with steroid cream so I could cope with it.  Then, about 7 years ago I got Guttate Psoriasis off a sore throat. I was 90% covered and it took 2 years before the drop-sized lesions started to heal. I was so miserable I felt like a freak. 

I've had about 5 flare-ups since then — all off sore throats — so I'm always covered.  It has destroyed my confidence and changed my personality. 

I've had PUVA, used every cream, ointment, tar on the market. The best for me was Psorigon.  For the first time in years I was 100% clear and in remission for about 8 months but then it was taken off the market because it had a potent steroid in it. I didn't care because it worked for me.  [Search on “Psorigon” on the home page, here, for lots of letters covering this unfolding, nefarious story from England. –Ed]  

So, since then I have been miserable again and searching for a cure or just to control it or keep it at bay.  Pagano’s diet is not as hard as some people make out.  You just have to be organized and keep up with what foods you are to eat in a week.  I got the cook book as well, which is a great help. 

I read an article in one of the newspapers about a new cream called Dovobet, which is a mixture of Betnovate and Dovonex, so I went to my Doctors and got some.  I started to use it Tuesday and they have all cleared up and its only Sunday.

I'm not building my hopes up just yet just in case they start popping out again, but I'm still going to stick to the diet as well because I feel very positive about it.  I hope this is a big help for sufferers out their.  I will keep in touch and let you know how I'm doing. –Melanie C.

P.S.  I live in Newcastle in England.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for making this report, Melanie.  Your optimism about the Pagano diet is refreshing.  We tend to hear more often about how hard a diet it is to follow and we need to be reminded that people do exist who can exercise some discipline over what they stuff into their face.

Was also glad to hear you are doing so well so fast on the Dovobet.  This English concoction is akin to the “combination therapy” being prescribed all over the place on this side of  The Pond. Here it is Dovonex and Ultravate, which I’ve been using for about a month, now.  (Not much change in my case, regrettably.) 

Please do stay in touch.  It would be great to keep up with someone sticking to the Pagano diet. -Ed

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