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Tips from Our Harvard Flaker
from Christy D.

Backstory:  (a) Astrophysicist in Need of Really BIG Lens Cleaner, (b) Is Harvard Ready for Her?

Hi Ed, I wrote to you a few months ago. I've started school at Harvard, which is great.

I have a few flaker survival tips for other folks out there. All the chairs at Harvard are upholstered in dark crimson — just the thing to highlight flakes. I've started carrying around a sweatshirt to drape over the chairs so I don't leave a mess — may be helpful to others doomed to deal with dark furniture.

Some advice for the woman looking forward to her wedding — I bought very long satin gloves to go with my wedding dress, just in case my arms decided to flame up. Luckily they weren't too bad, but I think just knowing the gloves were there was comforting.

Also, I'm trying a flax seed oil experiment. Since June, I've been taking flax seed oil and trying to get in other sources of omega fatty acids (tuna). My psoriasis had been very raw and painful and it's smoothed out quite a bit. Still unsightly, but not painful.

Hope the conference goes well. –Christy D.


Ed’s Response:  Good tips, Christy.  Carry some outerwear to inconspicuously drape over furniture that would otherwise show off our flakes; order up long satin gloves next time one is going to be a bride, just in case. 

Let us know how the flax seed oil and omega fatty acid intake pan out for you.  And, of course, first semester at Harvard.

About which, fellow readers, Harvard has an excellent web site.  (You can take a virtual tour of the campus there!)  Here’s a link to a campus map close-up that shows the observatory where our resident astrophysicist is likely to be biding her time


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