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Indian Product — Amrit Kalash — Helps
from Noreen P.

Hi Ed:  I have written before, most recently about my trip to the Dead Sea. It seems, from reading your site that I am one of the few Americans who have been to the Dead Sea. Anyway, I have had a 50% recurrence lately and was beginning to consider another trip to Dead Sea, Jordan (last time I went to Israel) or maybe Soap Lake. In the meantime I went back to a product I had used in the past which is called Amrit Kalash and is a super-antioxidant from India and is an ancient Ayurvedic product. I had taken it many years ago — in fact when I was almost P free, though at the time I didn't make a connection. Anyhow, I started taking it again, twice a day over the past month and have seen dramatic improvement. Within 2 weeks my friends and family were telling me I looked so much better. I take this stuff twice a day and have all but eliminated my topicals, other than to moisturize with a petroleum jelly-type product. I do not know any other psoriasis sufferers, so I cannot compare my success with anybody else.

The product is ingested and is very odd tasting — as are many Indian foods. The American palate is not accustomed to such exotic tastes, but it is not bad tasting. I take 1.5 tablespoons of the "nectar," which is really like a thick paste on the spoon, and wash it down with water.  Then I take 1 ambrosia tablet (the 2 parts are synergistic). I tried  mixing it in hot milk and taking it as a drink, but then the odd taste was simply prolonged while I tried to finish a cup of hot milk!  A quick spoonful swallowed without chewing is my preference!  I have noted the website if you would like to look into it yourself.

Go to this site,, then look up Amrit Kalash in the online catalogue. -Noreen P.

P.S. from "" — “Research shows that Amrit helps significantly boost the body’s immune response. It also helps strengthen macrophage cells that kill bacteria. Ayurvedic experts say that Amrit contributes to the state of bala — a state where the body’s own ability to defend itself is at its optimum.”


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the info and the website link.   With regard to our lack of Dead Sea goers here at FlakeHQ, I’ve noticed that myself and pondered it a little.  I don’t think it’s that few Americans have been there, Noreen.  (Visit Ben Freeman’s Dead Sea Psoriasis & Arthritis Treatment Foundation of America site for more information about group trips, et. al.)  I’ve rationalized the lack of visitations from Dead Sea-ers this way.  People go over there, get well, don’t want to dwell on their “old affliction,” so stop visiting P-sites.  Or, people go over there, find mega-doses of camaraderie and lose the need to belong to an on-line community like FlakeHQ….  Like I said, rationalizations.  Maybe they just don’t like me? <sniff>

Powerful antioxidants, like you say Amrit Kalash is, crop up in many homeopathic approaches to good health in general, and P on occasion.  Many of us question the validity of boosting immune system response when one popular theory about P suggests the culprit is immune systems already too hyper.  Indeed, the most popular systemic medicines today — methotrexate and cyclosporine — are immune system depressants.

Of course, other theories blame general “liver dysfunction,” and since the liver is an important organ to many systems, including the immune system, anything that detoxifies the liver may, in theory, help alleviate P.

My opinion?  We’re circling the subject, catching glimpses of the beast, discovering things that affect it — happily when the effect is positive — but the reasons are still unclear.  It’s like unwrapping an onion without knowing what the kernel looks like.

Keep us apprised of your improvement, Noreen.  -Ed

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