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Devil’s Claw Helped Her PA Pain 
From Danielle Z.

Hi there.  I have been a flaker for many (of my mere 21) years now.  Last December I started suffering from psoriatic arthritis in my foot.  It was unbearable, I could not put any pressure on it, not stand on it nor wear shoes. I sat for most of the Christmas Holiday season. 

I went to a doctor for something else, and when he saw my foot he said I should try something called Devil's Claw or Cat's Claw. These are herbal anti-inflammatories. 

I took just Devil's Claw,  and within two weeks I could walk properly again.

When that was finished I got something here called Harpaboron. It is a combination of Devil's Claw, and a few other things to help with Mobility.  I have now been on it constantly for 6 months. I take 2 tabs every morning, and very rarely even remember I have psoriatic arthritis.

Has anyone else had similar results? -Danielle Z. (South Africa)


Ed’s Response:  I found a description of Devil’s Claw at  Here’s an excerpt:

Devil's Claw is native to south and central Africa. Its medicinal value lies in its fleshy roots, which are sliced, chopped, or pulverized while fresh. Once dry, they become extremely difficult to cut. Researchers have found that the herb stimulates production of digestive juices. It also boosts production of bile, increases the appetite, fights inflammation, and relieves minor pain.  (Click here for full article.) 

Sounds like a natural NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) — something almost all of we psoriatic arthritics get referred to or prescribed at some point in time.  It’s good that your PA can be controlled this way. 

I wasn’t able to find Harpaboron.  I’m guessing it’s a combo herbal product manufactured and sold in your neck of the woods.

Thanks for passing along the info.  If any other readers have had experience with these natural products, please let us know.  -Ed


A Postscript from Danielle

Ed:  Recently, when I was too wound up, someone told me to take St. John’s Wort to calm me down, and having taken it for a month, I found I was more relaxed.

Initially my P flared, then it started clearing.  I was not using any topicals at the time.

I am very impressed with this herb and would recommend it to anyone who wants to lower their stress levels.

Also see the archived entry on this subject:  St. John’s Wort for Depression Helped P.  -Danielle Z.

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