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More on CMO for Psoriatic Arthritis
from Connie K.

Backstory:  CMO for Psoriatic Arthritis

Ed:  I have tried CMO, (and read Dr. Sans book) and got NO results at all.  It took me a long time to get up the nerve to spend $80 for the treatment, which I got from a wonderful health food store in Lexington, and was so bummed that I didn't see some kind of results. 

We just moved to Cary, North Carolina and miss Kentucky very much.  It was also Kentucky where I first heard about and tried the "scalp cocktail."  It helped me tremendously, as long as I stayed faithful to using it at least for a month.  Have since ran out and can't find anyone here to quickly go to and get my prescription refilled for the cocktail. 

This is a very positive and entertaining (not to mention helpful) site.  Thanks for caring enough to do this. -Connie K.


Ed’s Response:  Well, Connie, our loss is North Carolina’s gain.  I hope you have luck finding a compounding pharmacist who can keep you in scalp cocktail.  My pharm says it’s a real “bitch to make,” as salicylic acid and the coal tar derivative do not like to co-exist.  Finding the right base was half the battle, but according to him, the physical process of mixing can also “let it happen” or “ruin the batch entirely.”  Don’t hesitate to suggest a new compounding pharm in Cary call your old pharm in Lexington for tips and tricks.

I guess the “cautionary” note I published in the earlier email about CMO for psoriatic arthritis was verified by you.  Sorry it cost you $80 — for nothing but a lesson learned.

Stay in touch….  If not for the P-banter, check the “Briefing” for nostalgic photos of your homeland!  -Ed

P.S.  I know from first-hand observation that North Carolina is beautiful, too.

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