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Bad Case; No Insurance; What’s Free?
from Adam K.

Hey Ed:  Just seeing the sights.  I’ve been battling P for 5 years now.  I’ve got a real bad case — very unattractive: scalp, elbows, hands, knees, feet.  I don’t have health insurance.  Is there any free treatment I can get?  Please, any helpful tips.  I’m at my wits end.  -Adam K.


Ed’s Response:  Psoriasis has been around so long, Adam, the question isn’t what can I do about it?  Rather, How do I pick among all the techniques proclaimed to help?

The “free” treatments I’m aware of are do-it-yourself approaches.  If you are asking, Are there clinics of dermatologists that treat P pro bono, there are none of which I’m aware.

There is, however, a large body of anecdotal literature about combating P “on the cheap.”  The National Psoriasis Foundation has done a marvelous job of compiling much of this in their book, The Best of It Works for Me: 1990-1999.  “It Works For Me” is a column that runs in Psoriasis Bulletin, a quarterly publication for members.

If you’ve got just $25 to spend fighting your P, I think the best way to spend it is to join the National Psoriasis Foundation.  Actually, membership costs whatever you can afford.  Knowledge is what they provide and, as thousands of flakers have learned, it can be valuable beyond any price.

Visit NPF on line at  Then join.  -Ed

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